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There are times during research when you may feel that your documents are written well, but still need a zing in order to shine and stand unique in the crowd. Your first drafts may also be including certain types of linguistic or formatting mistakes that may have resulted from sheer ignorance. In all these cases, we suggest that proofreading may give your documents a desired new look and impression.

Proofreading is a must if you want to attain high grades or get published in leading journals. It removes all basic mistakes present in your work and makes it effective to be published. At UK Editing, our proofreaders go through your material in detail and make sure that it is cleansed of all grammatical, spelling, style, punctuation, and consistency errors.

Spellings: We start by checking the spellings and ensure that every word is correctly written, since words are spelt differently in UK English and US English. Technical terms are checked by subject matter experts.

Presentation: Our Thesis Proofreading Services UK include a check of the overall style of presentation, including tables and graphs. We also minutely check the formatting and improve headings, sub-headings, and spacing.

Punctuations: Our proofreaders go through the content and add or remove punctuations according to the necessity.

Grammar: Although we do not go into the structural details, we check all basic grammatical errors in the document and make the sentences sound right.

Corrections Highlighting: We make it a point to track all the changes and highlight the errors so that the students know where they have gone wrong and how the mistakes have been fixed. This gives them a proper feedback and helps them avoid such issues in future.

In case you are stressed about mending your document, do not delay contacting us and avail our Dissertation Proofreading Services UK. We will take swift action in minimal time. Just send us an email at or give a call at 350 200 41323.