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Our wide array of services offered to our customers often confuses them when it comes to choosing a suitable service. The answer to that question depends on the kind of help they want and their academic level. Not every student may need the same review support for their research documents. It also varies according to the command they have on language and the knowledge they possess about different professional writing styles.

Our experts can guide students about selecting the right service after judging their specific project needs and the way their documents are created. While students can speak to us if they are confused about selecting the right service, they may also take help with the following cues.

Experienced Authors

Experienced authors are usually experts who have been working in their chosen disciplines for many years. They have extensive knowledge about their research area and also have proficiency in research documentation. But even the most seasoned authors need an editor and a proofreader to polish their writing.

Selecting Right Service

In such a case, one must choose the proofreading service, under which our experienced proofreaders will go through the material and check it for basic errors or mistakes that may have happened due to ignorance or neglect. Our proof readers will not tamper with the project in any way. They will simply eliminate spelling, grammatical, formatting, and punctuation mistakes that may be there in the document. They further ensure that the document is ready for publication. The client is also informed as to what changes have been made.

First-Time Authors

Authors writing a manuscript or an academic report for the first time and hoping to get it published are usually unaware of the many guidelines that they must adhere to. Some of the problems that they face are with regard to the language that they need to follow, the structure of the content, and the authenticity of the facts and figures mentioned in the report.

They should ideally opt for our comprehensive editing services. We not only allocate seasoned subject matter experts to go through their material, but also our personalised advice that would stand them in good stead in future. Their work is edited in a way that would make it acceptable to publishers and university boards.

ESL Students

Students from non-English-speaking countries form a major chunk of our clientele. As they are unaware of the writing and formatting styles required in the UK universities, they need adequate handholding. We have ESL editing services that focus on such students.

We clean up all grammatical, spelling, and vocabulary mistakes that such students are bound to make in their projects. We make sure that ESL students also improve their English language skills while working with our editors.

You may call our customer care representatives to get additional information with regard to these solutions and for advice on the service best suited to your needs. Call us at 350 200 41323 or send a message at if you want a quote on some service.