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The first step towards ensuring that we provide high-end services to our clients is to build an editorial board that is capable of giving the finest output in limited time. Our editors are chosen after a rigorous selection process to ensure that they have the required experience and knowledge. With a balanced combination of knowledge, experience, and innovative insight, they are able to add value to the documents they edit. We have editors from varied fields to cover all the subjects and specialisations.

Editorial Board

Selection process

We follow a stringent selection process, wherein we start by testing the language and grammar skills of editors. Then, they are tested for expertise in their field of specialisation. Lastly, we check whether the editors have a sound track record. All editors are bound by a non-disclosure agreement that ensures the information shared by clients, remains secure.

Published authors

When we receive documents that are targeted at leading journals, we appoint editors who have written for the respective publications. They have in-depth knowledge of the publishing style, language, and formatting requirements of various journals. Hence, they can almost guarantee publishable documents.

Subject matter expertise and knowledge

Since we are dealing with academic document editing, all our editors possess subject matter expertise in different academic areas. Several documents are highly technical, with jargons or large data banks. The editors go through them minutely and suggest factual corrections, wherever needed. They are also able to recommend better references due to their deep subject knowledge.

Native English speakers

All our editors are native English speakers and have attained their postgraduate and PhD degrees from renowned universities in the UK. Thus, they are able to polish research documents with the use of correct writing and linguistic styles.

You may call us at 350 200 41323 or write at quote@ukediting.com to know more about our editors and get in touch with them regarding any specific service.