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ESL Editing Service is a specialised editing service for those who have English as their second language. Such scholars often struggle to frame their projects as per the high linguistic standards set and expected by the UK university boards. This is one of our premium services and is much sought after.

Under the ESL editing services, we intensively review the document’s content and make all basic corrections and advanced changes that can add good value to it. We follow all linguistic styles and formatting standards demanded by a client, as well as consider the following aspects that may require substantial alterations and corrections.

Spellings: Since non-native students are not so well-versed in the academic language, they may make several spelling mistakes that can cost them dearly when the report is judged. All spellings, including jargons, are minutely checked by our editors and corrected for UK writing styles.

Grammar: Improper tenses, verbs, number agreements, pronoun uses, punctuations, and other grammatical faults can mar even a well-founded report. Hence, we correct all such mistakes through a multi-stage checking process. We organise the content through advanced language checks.

Vocabulary: The choice of words is not the strongest aspect of ESL students. However, vocabulary plays a key role in demarcating an average report from a remarkable one. Thus, we improve the language to make it rich, yet keeping it lucid.

Structure: The language structure has to be checked at many levels. At first, our editorial team checks the sentence structure, and then, the sequence of paragraphs. Lastly, it checks the organisation of sections and sub-sections. At every structural level, the required corrections are made to ensure a flawless flow.

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ESL Editing