Rewriting Dissertation

In some situations, an academic document might need complete rewriting because of having improper language, widespread grammatical errors, or other issues. We have designed a special service to cater to the needs of such authors who wish to have the complete report rehashed. Rewriting is done by a team of subject matter experts, skilled authors, and trained editors. We look at the following aspects under our rewriting dissertation service:

Language: The quality of language and vocabulary used in the report is the primary concern that has to be worked upon while rewriting. A better usage of words is guaranteed by our native English writers. At times, documents are rejected due to the use of non-scholarly language throughout. In such a case, our writers work intensively on rewriting the content using enriched academic language.

Grammar: Even students, who are proficient in technical aspects, can make a number of grammatical errors. Our editors check the use of tenses, verbs, number agreement, modifiers, articles, etc. While rewriting, the grammar is ensured to be impeccable. We make sure that even a single error is not present to disturb the readability and comprehension of your content.

Facts and Figures: In a few cases, there might be mistakes in the facts and figures mentioned in the report. Our subject matter experts go through the document to check the validity of results and reliability of facts. They guide the writers so that such mistakes are also removed. However, all the factual changes are made only after a discussion with the client.

Presentation: Many dissertations or journal papers are rejected just because of faulty presentation or wrong formatting. While offering our rewriting dissertation service, we first enquire the client about the desired formatting and referencing style. Accordingly, our writers work upon the graphs and images; structure of the content; placement of headers, sub-headers and margins; and sequences of various sections. We work on the presentation so it leaves a positive impression as soon as a reader goes through the content.

To make your report ready for publication and review, you may send it to us for a thorough revision. Act quickly before it is too late and avail our Dissertation Rewriting Services UK. Get in touch with us by emailing at or calling at 350 200 41323.